2012 – Mauna Kea, Hawai, USA

The summer 2012 Moon and Mars Analog Mission Activities (MMAMA) campaign took us to the same location as two years ago – Mauna Kea, Hawaii. However, this time our field site, Apollo Valley, was higher up the mountain and geologically more interesting then the previous site. The main goal of this 1-week campaign was to mimic remote operations, by having only a few people in the field and the science team operating based on camera footage from a rover.. We kept a blog again, but we were so busy, that we hardly had any time to take any pictures.

2011 – Desert RATS, Black Point Lava Flow, Arizona, USA

Summer 2011, time to take out VAPoR again. This time as part of the NASA Desert RATS (Desert Research and Technology Studies) campaign. The main goal of this 3-week campaign was to test different crew secnarios focused on geological sample collection and analysis. We kept a blog again and some pictures can be found here.

2010-2011 – Antarctica

In the winter of 2010-2011 I enjoyed the Antarctic summer, while participating in the Antarctic Search for METeorites campaign, ANSMET. During this 2-month campaign we camped 6 weeks on the ice inthe Mount Ward – Davis Nunatak region, while systematically searching the blue ice fields around camp for meteorites. A second, reconaissance, group stayed in the La Paz and Patuxent ice field. We collected a total of ~1250 meteorites, that are all available for study. During the campaign we kept a blog and this album contains my nicest pictures.

2010 – Ny Ålesund, Svalbard, Norway

As part of the VAPoR field testing program, I particapited in the Arctic Mars Analogue Svalbard Expedition, AMASE, from August 13 until 26. This year AMASE was operated from Ny Ålesund (78°56’N, 11°56’E), the northernmost village in the world, located on Spitsbergen in the Svalbard archipelago (Norway) inside the Arctic circle. The blog about this field testing campaign can be found here and the prettiest pictures are in this album.

2010 – Mauna Kea, Hawaii

The FSAT (Field Science Analog Testing) grant I won in 2009 enabled me to field test VAPoR during the International Lunar Surface Operations – In Situ Resource Utilization (ILSO-ISRU) Analog Test 2010. This campaign took place in a cindercone on one of the slopes of Mauna Kea, a dormant shield volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii. We were there January 28 until February 6. During this fieldwork I kept a blog on how VAPoR was operated in the field. This album contains an overview of some of the pictures I took, while I was out there.

2008 – Lycian Nappes, Turkey

In 2008 I joined Douwe (van Hinsbergen) on a paleomagnetic field campaign to the Lycian Nappes. Here I got my first geology training in the field and learned how to collect paleomag samples and the art of drilling! An impression of this fieldwork can be found on Douwe’s page. Results of this fieldwork can be found in Van Hinsbergen et al., Tectonics, 2010.